Visit from Jeollabukdo office of Education in Republic of Korea,

Supporting and promoting education

This week our school will welcome 36 Korean officers who are planning to visit Norway in August. They are from the Jeollabukdo Office of Education a governmental organization to support and promote education in Jeollabukdo province.

The visit aims to share and learn the best practices of educational policy in Norway.

The officers have been involved in working on various projects related to education innovation and policy and hope your ministry could share their professionalism in the field with them. 

The meeting will take place in Auditorium 1 from 14:00 – 15:00.

This table shows School Employment of Type, Political Service, Teacher, Education Specialist, Regular Staff, Special Services, Research, Education Civil Service*, Total by year.
Type Political Service Teacher Education Specialist Regular Staff Special Services other Total
Total 1 19,494 330 4,612 12 19 24,468

Information about Norway

Children and young people in Norway have a right and an obligation to complete primary and lower secondary education, and adults are also entitled to primary and lower secondary education. Everyone who completes primary and lower secondary education is entitled to upper secondary education qualifying for further studies or a vocation. The Higher Education Entrance Qualification qualifies students for admission to university or university college programmes. Higher education is offered at bachelor, master and PhD level and should be research-based. Tertiary vocational education is a short vocational alternative to higher education. Source: Nokut

If interested in more info on educational policy outlook in Norway I suggest you read this publication from OECD 2020.


Information about Sandvika high school

Sandvika highs school was started in 2006, and the building was previously a business college. The large auditoriums were replaces with rooms for physical edcuation. We have 950 students and 130 teachers. We can offer clases in media,  classes related to health and social services, childcare and dental care and general studies for universities and colleges.

We have what is called block scheduling that is unique in Norway. You can read more about it here. REORGANIZING THE SCHEDULE

Below you will find one of many promotional videos we made last spring. More links to Sandvika videos found here.

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