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Microsoft supercharges Bing + ChatGPT with new upgrades — and opens it to everyone

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has taken off ever since it was infused with ChatGPT. The new Bing with ChatGPT now has over 100 million daily active users and the AI chatbot has been integrated into everything from Edge browser to Microsoft’s Swiftkey keyboard. It’s not even limited to chats anymore — Bing Image Creator is now one of the more popular AI image generators out there.

Microsoft has announced some new upgrades for Bing and Edge that use a new AI-powered technology based on OpenAI1. This technology is more advanced than ChatGPT and is customized for search1. Some of the new features are:

The new user interface for Bing Chat lets you customize the appearance of the chatbot, such as changing the theme, font, or avatar1. You can also see image and video results in the chat window4. To access these settings, you can click on the gear icon on the top right corner of Bing Chat.

PS. the picture used here was created by  Bing Image Creator

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