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Lesson plan; Britain’S National Health Service Is Exhausted

Activities in class

Start by asking the class if they know anything about this issue. Read the facts below.

Relations to Brexit

Brexit is related to the NHS in several ways. One is that Brexit has worsened the shortage of NHS doctors and nurses from the EU. According to an analysis by The Guardian1, the number of doctors who trained in the EU and registered to work in Britain fell by 29% between 2015-16 and 2020-21. The number of nurses and midwives who trained in the EU and came to work in Britain also dropped by 87% in the same period1The Guardian. This has contributed to the staffing crisis that the NHS is facing.

Another way that Brexit is related to the NHS is that Brexit has forced NHS trusts to recruit more staff from low-income “red list” countries, which are subject to travel bans due to Covid-19. According to another report by The Guardian2, NHS trusts have increased recruitment from countries such as India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Ghana to make up for the post-Brexit loss of EU staff. However, this raises ethical concerns about draining health workers from countries that need them more2.

A third way that Brexit is related to the NHS is that Brexit has affected some aspects of healthcare cooperation between the UK and EU. For example, according to the NHS Confederation3, some areas that have been impacted by Brexit include data sharing, medicines regulation, clinical trials, public health security, reciprocal health care arrangements, and professional qualifications recognition3. Some of these issues have been addressed by a trade and cooperation agreement that was concluded between the UK and EU on Christmas Eve 20223, but some challenges and uncertainties remain.


In groups of 3, answer these questions;

Give the students Britain’s National Health Service to check if they got it right

Look at the graph from The Guardian below and explain the numbers

Taking notes

Watch the video below and take notes. The video is 26,25 minutes, so consider if the class can see this by dividing it into 2 or 3 parts. Discuss in between.

Here are some points on taking notes:

After taking notes, work in pairs to compare your notes according to the list above. Try to help each other to see if you have most of the facts.

Answer these questions:



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