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Lesson plan; this year in pictures.

Lesson plan

What is the story of 2022?

Before looking at the collection of photographs from the past year, brainstorm a list of images, sounds, words and artifacts that come to mind when you think about the events of the past year. What pictures are related to the world, what pictures are related to your country? Where is the picture here taken and when?

Then, reflect on your list: What do you notice? What big themes and ideas emerge?

  1. Look at these three different sources and write a comment on what seems to be the main story of 2022.
    National GeographicThe New York PostBBC News
  2. Respond to the power of individual images: Which images from the collection stand out to you most and why? Which ones do you think best capture the year’s noteworthy moments? Are there any events that you think are missing? If so, which ones and why?

Analyze and interpret a photograph.

Choose one photograph in the collection that you found particularly informative, surprising or affecting.

Then dig a little deeper:

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