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Lesson plan; What is one environmental action you can take in your home or school community?

In this lesson you will work on the following questions;

This lesson plan is from the New York Times. 

In this lesson, students will learn about the environmental work led by Domingo Morales. Then, they will research and come up with a plan for one climate action they can take in their community. Read the Featured Article: “The Unlikely Ascent of New York’s Compost Champion” by Cara Buckley


Take a few minutes to write about how you and your family deal with waste: In a typical week, what kinds of things do you throw away? Do you throw everything in the trash? Do you recycle? Do you compost? Do you ever feel guilty about what, or how much, you toss out?

The article you will read today talks about composting. Watch this six-minute video from NowThis to learn about the process:

Then, tell us:

  • What is one interesting fact you learned about composting?
  • What is one question you have?
  • After watching this video, are you more inclined to find a way to compost your food scraps? Why or why not?

Now, choose one issue you want to focus on based on what you identified as concerns for your community, and create something to help educate people about it. Here are some ideas:

Next, make a plan for putting your project into action. Here are some questions to think about:



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