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Does the Use of Learning Management Systems Improve Student Learning Outcomes?

What is Hypermedia and does it Improve Student Learning Outcomes?

These are actually two different questions that both are of interest to me.

  1. Does the use of a learning management system improve student learning outcomes?
  2. What is hypermedia, and is it currently used in schools/universities?

Ever since my county decided that our LMS, itslearning was out, and Microsoft Teams was in, I have been waiting for the research behind the decision. Because surely an important decision like this has to be based on research on how students learn, and what kind of tools we need to use.  Learning is too important to be left to bureaucrats and IT people, you would think.

To me, it seems more of “a go with the flow” decision. Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool. It works well with online meetings, is flexible on many platforms, and is very useful for quick chats and conversations. There are a lot of studies on how Microsoft Teams had an impact on enhancing students’ learning during the Coronavirus. The question now is if it also enhances learning when we have our students back in school. And of course, OneNote is also a very useful tool for students, not only to take notes as intended but also as a way to distribute tasks, assignments, student work, and individual work.

How Intelligent Tutoring Systems are Changing Education

I just read this article that explains the concept of intelligent tutoring systems.

The Future of Education

One of the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) is being implemented in the field of education is through Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs). Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) are computer systems that aim to provide personalized instruction and feedback to users, often through the use of AI technology and without a human teacher. ITSs have the opportunity to play a major role in the future of education, solving many of the problems that are present in the sector today. One of the greatest challenges surrounding the education of young individuals, and applicable to any individual regardless of age, is that humans are complicated and require personalized methods of learning to excel.

ITSs address aims to create an environment of learning that revolves around personalized curriculum and highlighting individual skills and interests. Experts widely hold this as the most effective method of teaching, and many nations are moving towards it. In the near future, learning environments, either in a classroom or digital, will undoubtedly consist of transformative new tools. Source: “An Interaction Design for Machine Teaching to Develop AI Tutors

Does the Use of Learning Management Systems With Hypermedia Mean Improved Student Learning Outcomes?

In this study, they found that the use of LMS with the hypermedia Smart Tutoring Systems increased the effectiveness of student learning outcomes, above all in the individual quiz-type tests. It also facilitated personalized learning and respect for the individual pace of student learning.


When using an LMS the teachers  can provide material, do activities and create assessments for students. Nevertheless, this procedure is done in the same way for all the students, regardless of their performance and behavior differences. Using the LMS with an intelligent tutoring system, can tailor the learning to each individual student. Source: An Intelligent Tutoring Systems Integrated with Learning Management Systems

Improve connection and collaboration with Microsoft and your LMS together

Microsoft has listened to their users and has introduced a better connection between their product and your preferred LMS. We can see this in Haldor education.

Microsoft is working with leading Learning Management System providers to create easier enablement of Microsoft Teams for collaboration within LMS courses, advanced management of Teams meetings directly within LMS courses, and reimagined OneDrive integration for course content and assignments, extending support beyond traditional Office documents to Whiteboards and more.

Easily create a Team from within your LMS
To facilitate project-based learning and encourage class collaboration, educators will soon be able to create and pair a class team for every course in their LMS.

Haldor has educational tools that enable educators to easily create courses, study plans, assignments and assessments as well as closely follow student progress and development. All seamlessly integrated in Microsoft Teams.



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