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How clutter causes stress

I’m sure you can relate to that headline. In fact, I experienced stress sharing a workspace many years ago, which ended with me working somewhere else.

Here is the article I picked up from Rubbish Taxi. They asked me politely if I would share it here. I admit I had never heard about this organization before, but if you read their blog, this is how they introduce themselves.

“Our mission is to make friendly, honest and reliable our way of doing business. To deliver the best experience for our customers. To remain a beacon of innovation and success when it comes to recycling. To make a difference. Changing the world one load at a time.”

And here is the article, if you are interested, in preventing stress!

Modern living has plenty of advantages, for certain. The pace of life is faster than we have ever been used to, with our schedules having gotten easier than ever to manage and pack and fill. Stress is certainly a byproduct of this modern lifestyle, of course, and as such we have had to adapt to any number of sources of this stress. Getting by in the modern age has called for us to learn as much as we can about juggling the tasks we cover in a day, as well as find a healthier lifestyle to balance things out in general.

There are many ways that clutter raises our stress levels – both a little and a lot at a time.

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