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Teaching short stories by Roald Dahl

Pre-study activities: 

To learn about Roald Dahl and his writing. Roald Dahl was born in Wales on the 13 of September 1916 by Norwegian parents.His mother used to read to him in Norwegian. Roald Dahl wrote a letter to his mother each week from his school days and until she died 32 years later.

  1. Roald Dahl’s short stories are often used in schools. Look here for his website.
  2. Pre-reading do these tasks before you read the short story The Landlady
  3. The witches by Roald Dahl, is also an exciting movie. Read about it here and  here. You can rent it using YouTube

Lesson plan:

  1. Read the short story “The landlady”
  2. Do these tasks connected to the story and watch the tales of the unexpected see below
  3. Word work – language in context – do the tasks here
  4. The landlady – tasks after reading
  5. Read the short story The man from the south.
  6. Visit Roald Dahl virtual tour
  7. Read “Lamb to the Slaughter
  8. You can watch the Tales of the unexpected version here.
  9. Make some good questions to ask and answer and post them here. Wallwisher
  10. Write a short blogpost where you answer 2 of the questions.
  11. Do exercises found here!

Paragraph writing –

  1. Choose one of the short stories and either write a paragraph (between 70 and 100 words) as if continuing the story telling what you think happened next
  2. Write about what you think happened next and what the consequences of
    that would be, and support what you say by referring to evidence in the
    story. (About 90 words)
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