Fun activities before Christmas!


  1. Each year the lights on the Norwegian Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square are switched on. What is the story behind this event? 2020 is a time where traditions have had to be changed.  “This is the first time since 1947 that we have had to do things differently, but the public’s safety comes first.” Write an article to inform your friends in other countries about the background of this tradition, and how it will have to change this year.
  2. Read about the Norwegian spruce with a surprise inside here.
  3. How do they celebrate Christmas in the UK, The USA, and a European country of your choice? Make a picture presentation and show the rest of the class.
  4. Do this end of the year trivia quiz answers quiz questions from Edinburghnews. quiz questions
  5. Christmas trivia – name the song
  6. Christmas trivia difficult – try this in a group of 3, use the computer to look up answers!
  7. In teams of 3, how many movies can you identify? You have 7 seconds to answer. Alternatively, the teacher can pause the video before the answer appears. Fun activity.  Video below!

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