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Teaching Gender inequality and the lack of education in developing countries

Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. It arises from differences in socially constructed gender roles.

Women’s rights have topped the agenda over the past week. Our video explainer spells out the implications of the “global gag rule”, which has just been reinstated by the Trump administration. Campaigners say it will deny access to life-saving family planning and sexual and reproductive health services, and endanger the lives of millions of women around the world. Source: The Guardian.

“Women and girls have always faced hurdles, but that’s never stopped us,” Watson narrates over footage of the women’s hurdles event at the Olympic finals in 1964. The clip lists milestones in gender equality—granting women the right to vote, passing the Equal Pay Act, having more women than men enrolled in university—as the athletes race in the background, giving off the overall effect of overcoming physical and societal obstacles. Source: harpersbazaar

Lesson plan


  1. Watch the video explainer below to understand what the “global gag rule” is.
  2. Watch the video hurdles made by Emma Watson
  3. Read this article from the Independent: What happened when a man and woman switched names at work for a week.
  4. Read this article “Gender Inequality in Medicine: Too Much Evidence to Ignore” from the Psychiatric times
  5. Read this article Poverty and education.  and this article; Child labor hinders children’s education.


Choose one of the topics below. See if you are able to combine the topics in your answer. Remember to site your sources.

  1. Discuss the problems that can arise due to a lack of education in the developing world
  2. Discuss the global challenge of gender inequality


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