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Connected Educator Conference in Norway 2014

Join us the 21st of October 2014

The conference in Norway in 2012

Millions of educators and others around the world have participated in hundreds of professional development opportunities as part of Connected Educator Month (CEM) the last two years. Originally developed by the U.S. Department of Education and its partners as part of the Connected Educators initiative, Connected Educator Month offers highly distributed, diverse and engaging activities to educators at all levels, with the ultimate goal of getting more educators more connected, spurring collaboration and innovation in the space. Source: Office of Educational Technology.

This year we wish to arrange a similar event in Norway and encourage more educators to participate and learn online.

Call for proposals Connected educator month Norway!

Submit your proposal here: Proposal!

This years’ conference is dedicated Connected Educators and Learners. Join us in our effort to get more educators online. Submit your proposal to keynote or lead a workshop. Join our list of experienced international keynote speakers. In case you missed it watch Will Richardson’s presentation below!

 5 reasons everyone should be on Twitter

Here are some compelling reasons why everyone should be connected using Twitter and writing blogs!

  1. Twitter is free professional development
  2. Twitter friends become real friends
  3.  Twitter can bring you business
  4. Twitter is global
  5. Twitter is easy

Source: Brilliant or insane

International guests:

2007  Wim Veen  Book; Homo zappiens growing up in a digital age
2008  David W Shafferson Book: How computer games help children learn
2009  Will Richardson (Wim Veen) Book: Why school, Personal Learning Networks
2010  (Will Richardson) – Richard DeLorenzo Book: Delivering on the promise
2011  Sheryl Nussbaum Beach Book; The Connected Educator – Aaron Sams – Jonathan Bergman  Book: –Flip Your Classroom  Ewan McIntosh 
2012 Moliehi Sekese, winner of Microsoft expert educator, Lesotho, Tom Barrett  Book: Can computers keep secrets?
2013 Gordon Stobart Book: Testing times, the uses and abuses of Assessment     Kevin Honeycutt

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