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ISTE 2014 Atlanta Georgia; What is your One? #iste2014

Connected learning, connected world

The theme for this year’s ISTE was Connected learning, connected world. And even if I didn’t have the chance to participate this year (was in Australia the week before and enjoyed that a lot! ), I was able to follow the conversations, and I still am. Looking at the tweets from the conference I can see how important it is to connect and learn from each other. Even if you do attend ISTE you are not able to attend all the workshops and presentations. There are so many to choose from. You need to be connected and to learn from others; to know where to go, what to see and who to meet. I will be going through notes and take aways from those I follow on Twitter and Facebook and see what I will use at my school next year. In the meantime look at this video with many great educators giving their advice about their number one takeaway from ISTE this year!

The Brainwaves

If you would like to listen to some great educators who spoke at ISTE you will find a lot of them here at Brainwaves. Many of these youtube videos were taped at ISTE.

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