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The Edublog Awards

Awards_350px_02-1dcdiip-300x300This year’s Edublog Award finalists have been announced. To be named a finalist is an accomplishment in itself. Voting is through Wednesday, and I admit that I like the transparency in voting using Listly. Source: Vicky Davis . Me too,(apart from the fact that everyone can see that I voted for myself as well!)

I appreciate being on the list for Best Teacher Blog, but I am even more pleased to have 4 students on the Best Student Blog list. I think this sums up very nicely what goes on in my classroom. We work together. The students blog and I blog, and when 4 of us make the list we can see that we are making a difference. People read what we write. And even if it is not thousands of readers, every reader counts. In our class we know this is the right thing to do. We know that changing our classroom into a global classroom is easy, fun, rewarding and at the same time a great learning experience! For every Skype talk we have with students in different parts of the world, we gain experience. And every time we write a blog post, we know some might read it and therefor we put both a lot of work and effort into it. We are preparing our students for future employments where collaboration and team effort is valued.

Let the voting continue and with so many great bloggers on the list I’m happy just to participate!

The digital classroom, transforming the way we learn

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