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ISTE 2013 San Antonio

ISTE 2013 “Where the Energy is Palpable”

San antonio riverwalk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After attending a conference I like to go through my notes, links and tweets and see what might be worth looking into when I am back at the office. When you attend a conference like ISTE you are not able to attend more than a fraction of all that is offered and sometimes they leave you with almost impossible choices: Chris Lehman,  George Couros and Will Richardson keynoting at the same time as an example. That is when Twitter comes in handy. After you have made your choices on where to go you are able to follow the tweets from other sessions and luckily many educators share their notes as well. Everything else would be disappointing since sharing, collaborating and connecting seems to be the ongoing theme at conferences these days! This year I decided to listen to George Couros since I am hoping to invite him to our school to work with school leaders in Norway!. Below you will find the list of the session I thought were worth attending or getting information from! If you have more/better links feel free to post them in a comment! One last observation: San Antonio is a great place for a conference! The River walk is great! You can walk or jog for miles and there are no cars! Only restaurants, small shops, birds and beautiful flowers and plants!

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