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BETT 2013, Using social media to connect educators, students and experts worldwide

My last day of BETT

Was very excited about being able to speak at BETT this year and was curious about how many might turn up on a Saturday. Don’t think I’ve ever been to BETT on a Saturday before! And considering that the DLR(train)  was under construction and that we had to walk the last 3 train stops, I was thinking not many would show up today! And I was right. It was a small crowed today compared to the last 2 days I was there. I got to listen to Stehpen Heppel and his students again, always a good experience. It is all about empowering the kids, and letting them take control.  I guess you can’t say that often enough! Eventually teachers will get it I hope. I also got to hear Tim Ryland, that was a pleasant surprise. I follow him on Twitter and he had a great show. Just sorry I didn’t get there when it started. After that I listened to Sugata Mitra. It’s been a while since I’ve heard him talk and he is always adding new research and info. I really like the Granny cloud, great idea!

After that I rushed over to Theater E to do my own presentation! Allison M Allen introduced me and she was really helpful and encouraging! Great thanks to her and those who took the time to show up and show interest in my topic “Connected educators and connected students”! I think it was a pretty good crowd considering, and it was a great experience to be able to speak at BETT. Hopefully it will result in connections with more educators from different parts of the world! Please contact me and comment if you would like to connect your students! It is great fun to be able to learn from other teachers! Remember that kids can learn on their own if they are motivated. Real authentic tasks is a lot more motivating then answering questions in a book! It really isn’t that difficult and it is free as well. You don’t have to buy software or more hardware! Here is my presentation: Using social media to connect Bett 2003

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