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Liberating the Classroom for Creativity – Khan Academy

The Flipped classroom

A lot has been said about the concept “the flipped classroom” and I think that liberating the classroom for creativity sums it up nicely. It is exactly what you should be aiming for, unleashing the potential in all the students and encouraging creativity. In this video the Khan Academy Founder Salman Khan shares his thoughts about how the Khan Academy and the flipped classroom can help both the teachers and the students. By using this system the teacher can focus on higher value activities like running simulations with students, doing actual interventions with students and getting students to teach each other. As of today the academy has 2400 videos in English all made by Salman Khan, but they are being translated and more videos are being added all the time. The topics vary from calculus to the French revolution. This year the Academy has been funded and that has made it possible to add an exercise platform. The goal is to give the students exercises and feedback and to have the videos complement that. The exercises focus on mastery based learning where you have to master a concept before you get to progress to the next. It is self paced differentiated learning where every student can progress individually and the teacher can keep track of this. See more about the exercise platform here.

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