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Use clustermaps on your blog – here cool new stuff!

Use ClustrMaps on you blog!

One reason why you should write a blog is to connect with other educators. If you write in English you might discover a whole world of teachers and students out there, and if you are lucky you will eventually be able to build your own personal learning network. As mentioned in an earlier post you need to become a networked learner and implement a networked classroom to be able to help your students. What better way to do this then connecting by writing on your blog. Clustermaps has some new cool features that make it even easier and more fun! Check it out!

Cool new stuff

1. Tweet maps Want to see where those tweets about you are coming from? The large maps will show you! All you need to do is provide your Twitter ID on your Admin page (no Twitter login/password is required for this) Read more…

2. Real-time dots See who has been visiting your site recently with up-to-the-minute ‘yellow dots’ (not to mention totals and date range info right on your thumbnail map). That’s right, these dots are updated every single minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Read more…


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