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Students creating content online – Live Internet Radio Show

Assessing students’ communication skills

In Norway the students get two grades in the class called “International English”assessing the students communicative skills is one! The curriculum goals are: Employ a nuanced, well developed vocabulary – for both general and specialized use, discuss lengthy discourses on general and specialized subjects and use language appropriate to the situation in a social, professional and intercultural contexts.

Assessing all the students during class can be difficult and creating your own radio show online is an inspiring way to share content with the teacher and the students in class. Speaker allows you to host a Live Internet Radio Show, anywhere, anytime, with just a couple of clicks! It’s the easiest way to create and share Audio On-line.

Application for class:

  1. Based on a topic chosen from the curriculum goals produce a radio show in groups of 3 or 4.
  2. Apply roles for the members with these responsibilities: Host, guest, producer and in charge of music and commercials. (can be combined)
  3. Write a plan for the show and rehearse before recording, chose music that goes well with topic.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo and his “this weeks links I shoulc have posted and didn’t




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