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Itslearning conference with Michael B. Horn

I took an early plane to Bergen on the 11th of April  to attend the It’s learning’s pre-conference with Michael B. Horn. Since I have read his book and seen him at the Microsoft conference in Seattle 2008 I was excited to hear if he had added to his repertoire! I quote from the program,

In his pre-conference talk, Michael Horn will explore in-depth his latest research on the evolution of online learning, as it continues to improve to better serve more and more students. In particular, he will discuss Innosight Institute’s recent research on the emerging blended-learning models in schools, as well as likely technological innovations in online learning that will continue to drive more personalized learning for each student and how schools can better facilitate both.

The conference has this Twitter hash tag #itsbk11 and you can follow what people are saying there. Some of the ideas I have find interesting are the following:

See more on the models and about blended learning here. Seems to me many of his ideas are very similar to the RISC model ”  a learner-centered, standards- and performance-based system rather than a teacher-driven or time-driven system”. Where the students advance according to mastery of skills and not time. See more here.

Look forward to the next seesion with Michael B. Horn later today!

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