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Incentives, Rewards, and Motivation


To learn more about research on “what motivates us” and when do we feel like working?

Lesson plan:

  1. Watch the movie below. Try to take notes when you are watching
  2. Share with a partner 3 facts you learned that you did not know previously.
  3. Write an entry on you blog where you suggest ways to motivate students based on these findings. Suggest steps that might be taken to prevent students from dropping out of school
  4. Imagine you are trying to convince your school’s teachers that students should be able to participate in planning and organizing their own learning. Make a presentation and present in class – time 3 minutes.
  5. On many of the lectures I have attended lately Daniel Pink and his book “A whole new mind” are mentioned. His latest book Drive is about incentives, rewards and motivation. See an animated talk about it here.

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