Super Bowl Commercials 2017

 Super Bowl Commercials Feature Political Undertones and Celebrity Cameos – The New York Times

I wrote a lesson plan for my students in 2010, but this year the Super Bowl has political Undertones. Therefore I suggest looking at these commercials in the New York Times and comment on them.

Student activities:

budweiserThe commercials aired during Super Bowl are always special. Read this article and write a review on your blog where you:

  1. Describe the different commercials, pick at least 3, The Coke, 84 Lumber,
    Budweiser and Google ads among your choices.
  2. Explain what political undertones they promote, do they have anything in common?
  3. Decide on a winner. Explain your choice!
  4. Explain why the Super Bowl is such a big deal in the USA.


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