Learning about the different regions in the United States


  1. To learn about the geography of the United states

    Picture from Interactives
    Picture from Interactives
  2. To be able to explain the difference between the regions in the United States

Teaching methods:

  1. Start this intereactive map from interactives and explain the different regions
  2. Test your skills here!
  3. Also try out this Usa geography
  4. Put the states in the right place!
  5. Install Google earth and find some great flyovers here!
  6. Travel through history’s greatest journeys from Kerovac and Clark and Lewis with Wanderlust

For fun!

  1. Play freepoverty (more general geography game!)
  2. Play geosense, alone or against others!
  3. How many states do you know?

Thanks to free technology for teachers again!

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One comment

  1. Just a quick note: my image, which you used for this page, is not one of any region of the United States — it is an overhead view of Airdrie, Alberta, in Canada. Just thought you might like to know!

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