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So you want to teach?

My Books
My Books (Photo credit: Jennerally)

Teaching using the web is so much more fun than using the old textbook! And the fun part is that there are a lot of web pages where you can find help when planning your lessons. The clue is that web 2.0 is introducing you students to an active state for learning. Let them explore, investigate, co-operate and learn! Here are some places I have found:

  1. So you want to teach – great page with resources!  50 online reference sites for teachers
  2. Shahi a visual dictionary
  3. The Owl at Purdue – Writing and grammar. Look for more grammar here on this page!
  4. PDF – files of old newspapers from 1900 – interesting reading! Chronicling America.
  5. Del og bruk for Norwegian teachers – network for sharing
  6. No time for conferences? You may find one here at teaching with Ted.
  7. I’ll end by introducing Viewvista – smart web viewing. Look at mine called goodreads!


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