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Teaching the importance of the Inauguration


  1. To learn about the importance of the inaugural speech
  2. Inaugurations in times of peril, what makes a good president great?

Teaching methods:

  1. In the moment – to set the mood! Watch video.
  2. The Speech on video with the text!
  3. Sideshow of the day
  4. What did Jill Biden say on Operah
  5. Watch Aretha Franklin “my contry tis of thee
  6. Find the lyrics here.
  7. The story behind the song
  8. Watch this video from New York Times
  9. Read: Top 5 inaugural speeches, the most memorable lines (all the speeches here)
  10. Look at how the preparations are made.
  11. Time line of presidents
  12. Listen to more speeches here.
  13. Count down all the presidents, from 1789.
  14. Obama the politician
  15. Obama the modern day Lincoln?
  16. Time for fun – play this game:  Road to the Capitol
  17. And run for president!
  18. Read this article: Talk about race? Relax it’s okay
  19. Listen to Obama’s speech on race
  20. Listen to the voice of the pepple
  21. What is change?
  22. State by state guide to the Usa


  1. Write a critical essay comparing Lincoln and Obama
  2. What will Obama address in his inaugural speech? Write on your blog
  3. Make a Glogster with the 5 top inaugural speeches
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