Teaching Hamlet

Pre-study activities:

  1. Introduce the play to the class using this lesson plan. Do the pre – reading stage. Read Hamlet’s soliloquy, you find the full text of the play here. If you need you will find a  simpler version here. Hamlet
  2. Do worksheet A and B and discuss with class – talk about what you find in this Simpsons’ interpretation of Hamlet what is similar and what is different from the original ! A new look at Hamlet. You can also have a look at the Cartoon Hamlet it is an easy way to talk about the play!

After reading play – (you might only read one act)

  1. Here is a quiz for the class to work on. Lots of questions! hamlet-quiz
  2. Look at this google map. Where is this? Who lived here?
  3. Watch this summary of the play from BBC and answer some questions while watching.
  4. Do the plot test here. And for more video, tests and revisions look here.
  5. Study the picture (Image here) Ophelia by Sir John Everet Millais

Watch this revision by SparkNotes to remember main facts

Extra activities and places to visit if time:

  1. Interact with the characters and read their tweets.
  2. Kenneth Brannagh about the play and his movie.
  3. Hamlet meets his father.
  4. Mel Gibson Hamlet act3, scene 1.
  5. Appetizer; imagine being hamlet.
  6. Look at these clips “Ophelia’s madness, Ophelia drowning, Ophelia’s sad destiny
  7. Look at video from youtube. Hamlet Act3, Scene1 Soliloquy.
  8. Gravedigger set.

BBC Shakespeare animated tales:

  1. Hamlet part 1
  2. Hamlet part 2
  3. Hamlet part 3


Write an essay about Hamlet and post in on your. Use one or all of these themes an use it as a headline:  Revenge, madness, love, relationships.


Use this rubric: Essay rubric 2011
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10 replies

  1. Hei, her er en kuriositet som kan være verdt å prøve hvis du selv eller kolleger er kjent med dynamisk simulering: Simulating Hamlet in the classroom.
    Det er ser ut til å være litt komplisert synes jeg! Tar gjerne et kurs hos deg i hvordan man skal instruere elever i dette!

  2. I’d like to share a very successful lesson I did involving podcasting and Hamlet. Please look at this experience, which I posted on YouTube. My kids loved it.

  3. This is interesting. I’m amazed by the way you broke down the teaching methods for anyone to use. As well as the way you gave many links for people to do their own research.

  4. This makes Hamlet seem easier to read and less boring. I would love if my English V teacher would find a better way of teaching it and also Macbeth.


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