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Teaching British government

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  1. Students should be able to explain the political institutions in Britain.
  2. Know what the House of Lords do
  3. Know what the MP’s do
  4. Know the work of the prime minister
  5. The black Rod, who is he and what does he do?

Taeching methods:

  1. Use this PowerPoint to explain.
  2. Watch this video from about The Black Rod look at video beneath
  3. Use this virtual tour of the parliament. Parliament and government.
  4. Take virtual tours of the parliament chamber of Lords what do they do?
  5. Take a virtual tour of the House of Commons
  6. An interview with the speaker of the House of Commons
  7. Watch live tv from Parliament.
  8. Watch this movie explaining the general election
  9. A select committee, what do they do?
  10. You’ve got the power.
  11. Watch this movie, Democracy? You Decide
  12. Gordon Brown in Parliament see how they debate.
  13. Read this bloglords of the blogs“, and write a comment on your own blog, call it: The lords are blogging, my views.
  14. Visit the web-pages of the Labour party, the Conservative party and the Liberal democrats

To do

  1. Write a summary of the topics above on your blog
  2. Prepare a 3 minute talk about the topic
  3. Write an article about what you find on the parties’ blogs, what are the main issues today?
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